Drive-In Services Posted on Apr 21, 2021

It’s another first for us at WCC… this Sunday we’ll again change up our worship format in keeping with the new restrictions from our government. Starting this Sunday, April 25th, we will be holding a drive-in service at the church at 10:30am. The service itself will look and sound much like the services in the past: with prayer, singing and the sermon from God’s Word. However, each of you in the congregation will join us from your cars in the church parking lot with the service broadcasted over FM radio. No registration is necessary for this Sunday, as we do not have a capacity limit with an outdoor drive-in service.

This Sunday I’d ask that when you arrive to the church you look for a parking attendant at the entrance who will help you find a spot in the parking lot. We have been directed by the H-N health unit to have our vehicles spaced two metres apart. Vehicles are permitted to have their windows down, and parishioners are permitted to use the washrooms in the church as needed. Also, you are permitted to leave your vehicle for health and safety reasons (eg. To provide care for your kids, to go to the washroom, to flee from a rogue bee :)

Our goal is to provide the sermon/worship audio through an FM transmission on Sunday morning, and through a portable PA set up outside. We’ll let you know the FM station to tune to on Sunday, as we’re still trying to figure out the best station to use. We’re praying that even though this is a different format for worshipping God on Sunday morning, that each of use will use this opportunity to find renewed unity with the church family, and turn our hearts to God in a special way to learn what He is teaching us through this challenging time.

If you have any questions, or need clarification about any of the details concerning the service this Sunday, please let me know! Have a good week, and God bless.
Pastor Josh